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Esthéticienne de formation, cependant lors de mes voyages (Europe, Caraïbes, Etats-Unis ...) ma passion pour le soin de l'être humain m'a orientée vers l'apprentissage de diverses pratiques de méditation et de relaxation à travers le Yoga.
Cela m'a conduit à poursuivre mes études professionnelles aux États-Unis et en Europe.
Maintenant, en tant que professeur de yoga certifié et certifié en méthode Amrit Yoga Nidra, je peux me concentrer sur le meilleur pour mes clients yogis.
– Claudine Caren


Claudine Caren, not your ordinary Yoga instructor. Being healthy is a life style of who we are. After her children were born almost 40 years ago the journey began, providing clients avenues to achieve a peaceful existence. It started with years of developing a skill through massage therapy and has grown to include mind and spirit through Yoga training and instruction.

Born and raised in Cotignac, Claudine brings together life experiences from living, training and learning in the Caribbean , Spain, France and the United States. It reads like a recipe consisting of one part massage therapist, two parts student and teacher, one part health food nutritionists and three parts grandparent.

Every day starts with meditation in preparation for a busy schedule of yoga instruction that includes private one on one classes and group sessions for all ages from children to the career engaged to great grand parents.  

Its all about achieving a balance of mind, body and spirit in being the best version of ourselves possible.

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